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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

From the 'Foreword'

The book you hold in your hands is itself the fruit of an encounter — one that took place years ago, as you will read, through the mediation of a photograph on the cover of a paperback book. As Providence would have it, that seemingly insignificant occurrence progressively involved Father Joseph Langford in Mother Teresa’s life and work, to the point of founding with her the Missionaries of Charity Fathers, something for which I personally am particularly grateful. Throughout the years, he has prayed, reflected, and written on the charism — spirituality and mission — given to Mother Teresa for her religious family, striving to discover and articulate its depths and implications, something Mother Teresa herself did not do. This book can be said to be a synthesis of his work. It lays a groundwork for others to follow and build upon, for, as we discovered through her private letters contained in Come Be My Light, Mother Teresa’s charism, like her holiness, contains unsuspected profundity yet to be fully appreciated.
With his distinctive style and gift of eloquence, Father Joseph delves into the questions about Mother Teresa that shaped his own spiritual journey since that first encounter with her — and through her, with God — thirty-six years ago. In Secret Fire, he not only presents his reflections on what made Mother Teresa who she was and how we, too, can become who we are called to be, but provides meditations that have been a source of grace to many over the years.
In the last years of her life, Mother Teresa would exhort those she met, either individuals or groups, to take up the challenge to strive after holiness: “I want — I will — with God’s grace — be — holy.” May these pages enrich that striving and encourage you on your way.

Director, Mother Teresa Center
Editor, Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light

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  1. I' been visiting children in a home of the missionaries of charity since 2007, and I'm sorry to say that the nuns don't give them any affection, and they don´t receive good health care. And this is partly a consequence of the way Mother Teresa organized these homes, where the nuns live under a rigid schedule and always retire at 18:30, leaving untrained people in charge of the children. Please, before saying I'm a lier, go visit one these homes, share a lot of hours with children, or old or sick people. I felt astonished to discover this sad situation, given the tenderness to the poors mother teresa and her nuns talk so much about.
    I don´t put my name because I want to keep visiting this home, and the nuns, who wouldn´t accept any criticism, would forbid me to go.


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