How Has Mother Teresa Inspired You?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Excerpt from Mother Teresa: In the Shadow of Our Lady

By Father Joseph Langford.
Excerpt from the Introduction, "A Light Shining in the Darkness"
"Mother Teresa? A female Albert Schweitzer with nothing much to say...." That is how the "Saint of Calcutta" has so often been seen, even by those who admire her. Thanks to thirty thousand pages of documents gathers for her canonization, a fuller and more nuanced picture of Mother Teresa's inner world is coming to light. What we find is a grand kaleidoscope of surprising depth and richness, a mix of colors, even of darkness and light, which yield their beauty only by being seen together. To attempt to describe Mother Teresa in a few broad strokes by holding up one or another aspect of her life or work without reference to the whole is to fail to grasp who she was.
Mother Teresa lived with her heart in the heavens and her hands buried in the worst this world could offer. She managed not only to live at both poles of this soul-stretching axis, but to wed them, to make them one in Christ, such that Calcutta became a gateway to Jerusalem. She worked this miracle not only in herself, but in all those she touched -- the poor, her own Sisters, and the many volunteers and acquaintance of every faith (and none) who found themselves in her orbit. For all of these, through the challenge of her inward night, she spanned darkness and light, pain and love, riches and pverty, even the trappings of heaven and hell, that we might do the same.
From Mother Teresa: In the Shadow of Our Lady, by Father Joseph Langford, MC, Copyright © 2007, Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Division, Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. All rights reserved. Order online here»

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